What is ebookpath.com

ebookpath.com is the platform where you can buy eBooks. Varieties of eBooks you can enjoy like: Action adventure, Romance, Health and Fitness, children books, fantasy, science fiction, and many more….

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What kind of eBooks I can buy

You can buy any eBooks which is categorised in menu bar

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How can I buy eBooks

You just click buy button,  it leads to you  payapl window, give your email id and paypal password, so once you have make payment, a page will get open which is called as “ Thank You Page” in that page you click link then you selected eBook will get download.

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How can I make payment

You can make payment via paypal, and also you can Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Once you finish payment process, you click bottom button of paypal which is called “Return to merchant” once you click that it will lead to “ Thank you Page” from there you can download your eBook.

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How many times I can download

Once you make payment you can download 2 times, either in ebookpath.com or from your email

After payment process done, you will get a link in your email so from there also you can download.

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If I am not able to download from ebookpath.com

Nothing to worry, once you make payment within 24hrs you will get an email from us just click that link you will get download.

What instant payment to notification that comes from PayPal, if it gets delay then you just wait 2 minutes then it will redirected to download page!

Or go to your email id from there also you can download.

Still if you face some problem you can contact to us we will solve your issues.

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In which format I can get eBooks

You can get eBooks in 3 formats: EPUT, MOBI & PDF, in a zip file

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Can I sell my own eBooks via ebookpath.com

Presently not, if you have any such kind of plan you just write to us we will contact you

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Can I see the samples of your eBooks before Buy

Sure why not! You click preview button, it will available on bottom of each and every eBook cover, once you click that you can see the samples of your selected eBook,

Samples you can see in PDF format only

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Can I return eBook and get back my payment

No, you can’t, we don’t have that option, we have provided preview button for each and every eBook, so you can easily judge before buy.

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Do you provide any free eBooks

Presently all our eBooks are only $1, so we don’t provide any kind of free eBooks,

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